how to put music on iphone/ipad/ipod

songs on iphones

Iphone is operating system which is favorite to every people because of its extraordinary features but some of its facilities can not be used simply as we use in android,java and any simple operating system. The iphone/ipod/ipad  is best attractive smartphone designed  by apple. It runs Apple’s ios mobile operating system. The first...

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Top 10 funniest website

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Here is the list of to funniest website from the world. Many time when you feel alone and being bored then at that time you will search for source of entertainment. Following  top/best entertainment website contains funny image , amazing videos, best article. So go through...

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Subdomain:How to Create Subdomain of your main domain


A subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain; the only domain that is not also a subdomain is the root domain. For example www.youthdrill.com is root domain and www.scholarship.youthdrill.com is a subdomain. Creating a subdomain is better for reducing the complication...

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Amit agrawal:-Founder of Indian blogging revolution

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Being a computer science and engineering student from IIT Roorkee, have worked as clients like ADP,goldman sachs, and Merrill etc. In 2004 he quit his job and founded Digital inspiration named technology blog , on which he writes about computer software and consumer gadgets. He...

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songs on iphones how to put music on iphone/ipad/ipod
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funny image Top 10 funniest website

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